Karen Shields

Strategic Advisor

Karen Shields
Karen Shields is a strategic advisor for Gainwell Technologies, working with the company and its clients to solve the most pressing and complex challenges across the Medicaid landscape.

Serving America’s most vulnerable populations, Karen has over 30 years of expertise at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Prior, she served as deputy director of CMS’ Center for Medicaid and CHIP services, serving at an executive level to support states in delivering healthcare to more than 86 million individuals who rely on these essential services.

Karen also served previously as chief client engagement officer at Gainwell and as vice president of health services at SERCO. She has held various leadership roles within CMS, including as a director of technology for the ACA healthcare exchanges and ultimately, the deputy for the Center at CMS, which oversees the implementation, design and launch of systems supporting healthcare.gov and health reforms for the Affordable Care Act, including the annual disbursement of more than $23 billion in federal payments to health insurance plans.

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