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Here’s just one example of the magic that happens when data analytics are done right:

Imagine identifying members, at the individual scale, whose medical history or behaviors make them a high-risk for diabetes. Imagine then being able to create customized outreach programs to those members and their providers, encouraging positive action and improved care, and then tracking that member to follow their improvement over time. Do this at population scale and you’re raising your entire population’s health and lowering your costs at the same time.

Why Analytics?

Understand where you’re headed

Imagine improvements, make them real

Lower costs, improve outcome

How we can help.

Lots of companies can analyze your data. Others can make suggestions that they think will improve your plan.

We’re different. We can concretely improve your program based on a solid understanding of your data, and we have the technology, people and infrastructure already in place that allow you to implement those changes, quickly. Insights are great. Actionable insights that actually move the needle are better. Some can tell you what has happened in your program, or even what is currently happening. We can tell you what will happen, and then we can model the outcome you want, also known as predictive modeling, and make that a reality.

Our data lake is deep. Really deep. Our coast-to-coast view of the healthcare system is made possible by the large number of agencies across the country that we enjoy as customers. Without our perspective and architecture, other companies get you halfway across the bridge. We’ll get you all the way to the other shore.

Track performance of your MCOs, see which providers are most efficient and discover why, mitigate the opioid crisis … the only limit to what you can do is what you can imagine.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Create a data-fueled organization by combining actionable business insights with analytics services to apply evidence-based decision-making and improve care coordination and performance.

Advanced Analytics

Claims and Encounters Analytics

Pharmacy Analytics

Provider Analytics

Whole Person Analytics

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