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CalWIN wanted to develop flexible and versatile reporting to support decision making at both tactical and strategic levels for the CalWIN Welfare Client Data System (WCDS). They wanted to replace hard to support legacy static reports, modernize legacy reports that are used to create over 800 different reports, assemble legacy reports based on individual group interpretation resulting in inconsistency of information and reduce the number of tools used to create reports.

Gainwell provided CalWIN a modern, scalable, Business Intelligence (BI) solution. This solution established business processes and standard data definition to ensure state compliance and reporting requirements, defined a data structure and supporting architecture,  deployed a centralized reporting structure to enforce consistent governance and built a consolidated set of reports and executive dashboard which emphasize key business metrics.

Gainwell was able to help CalWIN reduce hosting and management costs, simultaneously enabling counties to better utilize key resources on higher value-add activities. We ensured each county is reporting in a consistent manner with improved data standards and governance, reports are now available on demand where previously it would take weeks and new reports can be created in days as opposed to month, CalWIN can use data to ensure resources are properly allocated to customer demand and we provided a modern responsive user experience with deliverables including mobile access, interactive visualizations with drill-down capabilities.

A WCDS County shared: CalWIN Business Intelligence‘s reports provide transparency and consistency when it comes to county comparison reports. It has the same data sources and/or same calculations for all counties’ reports. It is a centralized place to store the data, so counties do not have to ask “Where do you get this data or these tables from?”  



Implementation of standard consortium-wide reporting solution for CalWin.

Integrated Eligibility Enrollment